Of invoices, "30-days" and 'interest'

    There is an interesting thing about the word 'interest,' which, at its best, can mean an intellectual curiosity or a desire to pursue anything from an action to a person (as potential relation). Interest stops shy of serious commitment (that is saved for really dig that girl but is a step above the introductory offer of he's hot) but when you look up synonyms they range from:
absorbing, arresting, captivating, engrossing, entrancing, gripping, intriguingsuspicious, thought-provoking, winning...
to much more intellectual side of how reason works, but the word 'interest' I am most interested in has to do with usury, something that seems forbidden in two of the world's largest religions, I read Islam and then there is Exodus, Leviticus and I don't remember the other one that kinda says you can charge interest of strangers but not your brother, which brings up a complete slew of other things as well.

Loud guy outside, have to run back to my other life, outside a studio where there is a night shoot right outside our office and I want to go home, having not been paid, on time, again, not ever sure anymore how to split the difference. Right now, exactly, my fears keep me from wanting to deal with more of the same, waiting on the government to give me my money back, how can I prove starvation? Especially when it comes and goes, so drastically, as 2 weeks ago it was okay, then it sure became dismal fast, so the recession has meant the people with money take longer to pay the schmucks (read: me, as in I have no real protection -- I can't afford legal counsel, I try to stay on the straight and narrow, keep my head down and sublimate all my thoughts into creative work, so you never really know I what I truly mean.

It's more fun that way.

The point to this rambling was I don't believe in charging interest, esp that done by loan sharks, the worst, then banks, or actually not getting your taxes back that you paid when you should because they are bureaucrats shouldn't be legal. Somebody call John Stewart! I am too busy working and trying to get paid, Hollywood.

"Nothing equals nothing" is my favorite Madonna lyric from the song "Gone." Not as fond as the spaceship landing producing going on but hey, everyone's a critic. Beautiful heartbreak song.