Here I am trying to survive, in a country, where you are supposed to at least be able to support yourself if you are willing and able, not stuck, as I am, waiting to get paid for over a month now on a job that I went to every day for 4 weeks, til last week I couldn't anymore. It was a matter of hunger and ability to work and, yes, the principle of it.

And then the earthquake in Haiti equalizes all our pain and suffering on a collective level, and we fell helpless if we're not with the Red Cross or trained medical personnel or some other valued nomenclature that you invest in from college major through corporate tenure.

But in actuality, if you have real world experience, you are not really of much value to any of the powers that me. Bush says, and I do like how he gets to the point, 'Send money.'

Meanwhile, the homeless of skid row in Los Angeles right here in our eyeline and our sphere of influence look for ledges to hide under as the deluge pours down.

And I am still waiting to get paid.