Serve the servants

Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually offer a 'day of service' on Martin Luther King Day? But instead, I will be slaving at a job that may or may not pay, while those with fat wallets go shopping or complain about banks being closed because they don't really want to mix with those kinds of people now do they? It's enough to give to animal shelters (who doesn't love a puppy?) and piddly-ass scholarships of $ 500 for kids to go to college -- for their books. Well, yeah, $ 500 these days doesn't pay for much, a few posters, a bed, maybe some bath supplies, and some clothes. Books, even in my day, many years ago, cost around $ 1000. So yeah you can pat yourself on the back for your foundation built on mafia funds while your help cleans up as soon as you drop your garbage and your chef serves you every day, and yet, you still manage to complain.

How about all the rich people in the world go out on the service day and see how the other half lives, maybe throw some 'bum' on the sidewalk a dollar or two, if they can spare it, since gas is so expensive when you drive a hummer and all.