Re-visioning, re-shaping, re-making our world

"Where (and, they forgot to mention if) there's will, there's a way," has been said many times when someone is trying to encourage you to a) believe in a lost cause; b) keep going long enough to endure the dark times in hopes of recovering the light you were given, once had or have seen, even in moments, as flashes of brilliance, that evidence of purpose we forget when life creeps in, too much for too long, it can feel that way sometimes; or c) they know that the only way sometimes is by applying pure willpower, despite so many reasons to give up.

So, as part of the direction of this blog, I want to share things that encourage us to keep collaborating, employing each other and working towards a strong set of industries this nation can count on, once again, with 'entertainment' (unfortunately, to some, our pop culture is one of our biggest exports but I say, embrace what you do well, as Americans are good at selling fantasy, beauty and good lighting/sound) being the industry I occupy.

This links to my filmmaking blog where sharing info on production jobs is the post of today, February 7, 2010, a very productive sabbath for me.