Gratitude and thankfulness

Things to be thankful for:

  1. That clean crisp air our last broll day outside George, the meditative organization of ostriches and the clouds that sit on African mountain tops;
  2. Love in my life, however flawed;
  3. Friends and family, albeit fractured;
  4. The Earth, in all her glory and with all her incomprehensible pain and suffering, called ''natural disasters' and 'major catastrophers';
  5. The notion of love; the concept of compassion, the chance that we may uphold these ideals in imperfection some days;
  6. Memories of joy and happiness; anticipation of contentment and contribution;
  7. Poetry, music and photography;
  8. Horses, puppies and ducklings;
  9. Painting hanging on walls, oil brushes, charcoal sketches;
  10. New Orleans, Brazil, Kauai, New Zealand, Queensland, that pristine beach, tranquil bay and blinding blue water on that stretch in Moorea; Goochland-- Charlottesville corridor: places I am thankful to have seen and inhabited;
  11. Mary Hollis, Billy, Mom, Dad, Ashley, James P., Mrs. Lewis in 10th grade, Ras at Hoike, Paul Gaston, Profs Day and Eirenpreis, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Rickie Lee Jones, Elton John and the Grateful Dead.
  12. Having a roof over my head, if no real bed; 
  13. Having survived the ends of the earth of life, being humble and choosing grace;
  14. God, the Holiness that surrounds us as spirit,, who connects us to our humanity, incarnate in the Great One's ultimate gift and sacrifice, being in our body, seeing with our eyes, living our minds.
  15. The sun, the stars, clean water, free rivers, open space, the oceans, Botswanaland, the land of the free and home of the brave, wherever you find it.
Thoughts for today, last day of September, stressful, weird, long, but ending up okay, I hope.