"An exhibition exploring the social implications of food."

Rush Philanthropic

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation will hold the opening reception for Provisions, an exhibition exploring the social implications of food.

What a truly brilliant idea -- I would like to add this to my list of topics for my first "THINK TANK" dream job where I get hired (by the U.S. military, pharmaceutical/hygiene conglomerates and a public policy arm of that ga-zillionaire club run by Oprah-BG-WB, et al.) to come up with solutions to social ills, promote innovation and create achievable game plans for financial stability, from the ground up in communities of all kinds, borrowing common threads, utilizing my background as conflict resolution facilitator, social worker, big show producer, grant writer and speaker/teacher/coalescer of information.

And, by the way, I am honing in on some clearer ideas of my future: