Job Search

The goal is to spend at least 30 focused minutes on that useless-feeling job of networking via emailing one's resume out into the ether, you seem to have a 50-50% chance of ever getting a reply anyway, so it's hard to track, like confessions of a starving artist, different from Kafka's hunger artist, which starved as protest. No, this is worse, in a way, not that far from One Flew over a Cuckoo in the lunacy bin -- who would ever choose a career in the creative arts? Scary, but true. I do feel comfortable here, I do love what I do, so it's the task of finding the right people to work with, for and add to the success of others who want me to succeed.

1 down, 4 more contacts for the day - 5 per day
network minimum advised by career management guru, well I would love to just get set up somewhere, and be tasked with coming up with x# ideas a month.