State of things

I'm fed up with;
a) the top 1% income bracket being taxed less proportionately to me, who is lucky to work 6-8 months freelance gigs a year (over half sometimes just gone);
b) the bickering & posturing in our federal gov't which is holding our nation hostage with ridiculous threats of shutdown & feuding that is semi-barbaric;
c) certain privileged cult followers of parties that say cut taxes but keep our 'defense' in tact;
d) whatever the fuck China & Korea are up to;
e) Wall Street highway robbery (like a hold up in reverse);
f) my inability to afford health insurance means that if I get sick, I deserve to die;
g) the fact that I can't find a simple sustainable lifestyle;
h) that BBC Worldwide Reality Productions is actually unethical & employs highly questionable practices of evaluating work performance (they simply discount in favor or some other unprofessional motive) & utter lack of fairness by even the lowest of tv standards;
I) that I have to look for work again;
j) that hipsters have invaded Spring while Main us reserved for the OG & cavvie dealers and Los Angeles Mexifornia leading into skid row.
I'm fed up. Our priority needs to be fixing this mess.