Friday Night Bio on the Bus

"1st loves: poetry, photography, music, sunshine, horses. Adult life: tv, docs, reality, produce, direct & write (all genres). collaborators sought."

Generally feeling less angry, jaded, bitter about the whole job mess. Glimmers, mere moments, of (reluctant) hope or joy (in passing) over a flower, consistently in-your-favor cross-walk flow, a good meal, perfect air temperature with taste of sunshine, plenty & laughing at the same joke for hours.
But more pain & suffering are always around the bend, it's just a) how long's the reprieve & b) if you knew the time limit, would the time allotted be sweeter? Used (up) better?
Suffering seems to be the common thread in all spiritual belief systems endorsed by man. It's just a matter of the ultimate promises, rational strength of consequence argument, rules & bargaining action, a means of keeping us slaves to humanity--the reasons to live. Your narcissistic purpose. The answers you get in the waiting room between -28 grams, being taken in on the list -- reporting to post-existence, Last name first, time of non-existence, date expired, date deposited, time put in. Split into limbo deal with you layer. Those with bail (need to wait, their sins are too numerous to skip thru auto-pass like EZ pass to limbo --only clear saints & good grandparents/kids go HOV to final holding).
We could discover having a great day (about 3-5 hours of pure unadulterated perfection, in context of the present) is heaven.
Time certainly is controversial. Non-definitive. Un-absolute. And it seems we just want answers.
Pathetic curiosity. Relentless search for meaning. Feelings get in the way. Should de-evolve like pancreases & appendices. Obsolete.
Spend our time repairing. Fixing our messes. Improving all earth systems to sustain a higher consciousness species.
But instead, rapture postponed (although 3 west coast hours remain) and 3 more Pacific, so if New Zealand wakes up, it's business as usual tip the next one. 11.11.11? Has a certain ring to it. But I think God likes even numbers. With lots of 2s. - random thoughts on a Friday ride to fright might screening