Reality TV breakthrough

"Tired of myself
Tired of this town..."
-Tom Petty, "Last Dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain/I feel summer creeping in / and I'm tired of this town, again."

Guide to Getting Startedd
1. Always have a callsheet, a pen and some sort of small note pad (which could come in handy in post for those almost-lost moments or drifted time code notes, etc.)
2. Respect anyone who knows more than you. That goes for people who have been at this for more years than you. have a little humility, I beseech you (laughingly, or with a smirk? depends on the person, the day or the time)...
3. Treat your neighbor as you'd like to be treated. At 11 pm only knock on the door if need-be. An emergency or expected call, but not just to annoy, harass, or otherwise make life outside the world of the non-reality world you live in (creating any kind of entertainment to be devoured) even harder than the basic assault that comes with the territory.
4. Study. Read. Watch. Listen. 
5. Care.
6. Try not to get sucked into the vortex of anything but getting the shot, telling the story, trying to have fun in the process under so much stress for such an extravagance as being entertained, distracted from 'reality,' the irony.
7. Be responsible. Be honest and fair. Tell the truth with compassion. Admit when wrong. Apologize generously. Fix and correct. Be a solution to the problem.
8. Be aware. Assess and adjust. Clarify. Be smarter, next time.
9. Long-term gain is to try to be true to yourself (which if that means clueless while thrown under several city bus routes, including the 666 and line 14 to nowhere. Every place has one of those. Try to keep a positive attitude even when the ship is sinking and look for a way to plug the hole in the bow. When that fails, swim ashore and begin anew.
10. What can I do better to be that which I want to be-a collaborative, positive force behind something that gets done with efficiency and shared common goal (more mercenary, less tactical, I guess, one could say, being that of an Army Officer A.D. commanding the day to the creative forces asking for more options to the spontaneous story shape shifters who manage to get it done, despite the detractors, and of those, something must be done to minimize and move way on. But how? Please, weigh in.