The Cost of Creativity

So you decide to pursue a life of creative manifestation, and it leads to much pain and suffering amidst moments of sublime satisfaction and joy. It is for those moments (when finally, through synergy, picture+sound finally come together, or fourteen 'practice' shots result a la dolce vita capture) that we, as creative types, live.

And, it is, sadly, the persistent, reminiscent lack of ability to thrive on a purely contract basis, that causes one to desire discontinuing. There is nothing deeper than the despair of not being able to find work, despite being exceptional, it beckons an ending to the suffering script. 

Stop fantasizing that the right fit exists; broken by the sham artists and backstabbing lunatics), there is only so much poverty a person can take (despite being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- starving on a desert continent -- or having fallen into the treachery of art for art's sake -- being The Hunger Artist is no fun).

Unemployment, wrangling of Skid Row, sending the proverbial resume, one fruitless endeavor upon another. Sisyphus is alive and well in my soul. Oh, Saint Bukowski, how do I get a job at the Post Office?