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The New York Times
Friday, July 6, 2012 -- 8:33 AM EDT

U.S. Added 80,000 Jobs in June; Unemployment Rate at 8.2%

The nation’s employers added 80,000 jobs in June, not enough to significantly reduce the backlog of nearly 13 million unemployed workers.

The lackluster increase followed a May gain revised to 77,000, the Labor Department reported Friday. The unemployment rate remained 8.2 percent.

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Keep adding is all I have to say. I would like to see the U.S. economy grow in the next few months and for economic prudence, wisdom and measured thinking mixed with a little bit of 'gamble,' which in my mind means hope in humanity.

That and finding a meaning to life and a purpose and way out of the rat maze--I went from having 1 thing to do (objective, not even goal) for the day to sleeping til 3 pm and then 4 (waking only for hunger bouts and visits to the loo) -- this late night, midnight rambler random hours of operation has become my life.

When all I really want is to be kind, and to be better at surviving, to thrive in fact (now that I know what that means, to me; before it was a slam-bam-mash interstitial of material experience--comfort level, some status, but really just revolving around convenience, so things got done and my brain could work at full whir--only ever have wanted to 'be all used up when I die' to misquote someone I can't even recall, being the first generation of forgettable youth--the past dies faster than it ever has these days--and I am at the ill-begotten forefront, yet again).

"I'm appointing the Riddler to Commissioner of the Police"--just said by the Penguin on Batman -- Burgess Meredith just hung up on some big wig in Gotham. "The X-factr, random sampling error"-- regarding the "Batman trend." See, it's time for the 70s to come back into the zeitgeist (without being reduced to cheesy disco-supermodel-gas crisis-Who trample or was that the 80s? "The 70s? Just a lead in to the 80s." How sad is that. But true, from a certain angle.)

BACK to the point of today's post. The quickie email blurb about a growing economy is something that bears more exposure and thus building a positive momentum. When our money changes hands more freely, we create jobs and a way to ensure our own survival -- I want more job creation, I want Americans to get off their asses and create something good that other people want, I want the world economy to prop up itself, I don't like to see people starving anywhere in this world, on this planet, so the idea is to ensure that the currency by which we live should involve propping up the world--we're here to share, to bring about good, because bad's a given, so counter-acting it whenever possible, means to build positive momentum. That's about as far as I can get with it tonight but let me say this, I (as always) have my work cut out for me. But now, I have to unravel all the information and try to make sense of it and execute accordingly. So the Mr-all-over-da-place has gotsa be channeled.

"And they found out, it's the votes count" [ALSO FROM BATMAN on TV LAND or HUB--'you said we associate with criminals, so....Here we are' right before the fist fight begins!]