I must

post about this if only for the sheer rawness (is that even a word? raw-ity?!) of how I feel right now. Still in some time warp state of shock that last night I looked out the 9th floor and saw police in riot gear climbing up 5th -- I could see cones blocking Main and Los Angeles, but the gossip telegraph (which is way faster than any broadband or 4xyz) spread word that it started up by Spring.

Where, Occupy LA was moving in, giving out 'chalk' on art walk night--chalk's not paint, right? it will wear off in a matter of hours. However. It can be interpreted (by some law schools somewhere with too much time on their hands) as encouraging illegal activity (tagging) -- although we all know that was not the absolute intent. It's just too many people in one place and a jittery city. It was only a matter of time. 

I hear from the security guard at the building where I plant sit (I was on lock down in my building most of the night--4 blocks, they say, we weren't allowed out) -- that it all started when a girl threw a rock at a cop.