Producer: Show Runner/EP -- create and oversee first season of series 
Model Latina, where young women use their beauty and brains to accomplish their goals (Top Model meets Apprentice meets Latin culture).

Show Producer, The Apprentice, 5 seasons. Produced 1st episode EVER of that series (and many more after that); garnered a record (at the time) 19 million viewers on the premiere. Our finale beat CSI that week.

Associate Show Producer on "Amazing Race." Our episode 311: Vietnam won that franchise's first Emmy ever and since then, they never seem to lose!

Producer on the only 2 seasons of "The Colony" for Discovery -- the 'social experiment' aspect to the show intrigued me the most. 10 strangers survive the Apocalypse and must 'build' their way out. Part-Survivor (food rationing, losing weight, psychological stress), the similarities end there. This was no game show.
Part-Mad Max meets "The Road (Cormac McCarthy's novel), the social experiment side came in via well-orchestrated events designed to keep them on their toes, creating a more realistic environment, where they knew they would be attacked by bad guys seeking to steal their goods (this is post-Apocalyptic, after all!) to encounters with the 'outside' world (traders, messengers, militants & opportunists) -- to see how we react, as humans. All while building things you need to survive like water filters and improving your shelter, etc.
This is probably the series of which, creatively, I am most proud.

Consulting Producer on "Bar Rescue" season 1. Assisted story team after being called in as a fixer. Brought dimension and structure to the story, worked within the team and the show got picked up for a second season. Must have done something right.