More like f-ed-uped

1.     Unlimited Incoming:
A barrage of information continually comes our way.
2.    Perceived Availability:
We’re all wired to our families, work and communities and everyone else knows you’re tethered to technology so we’ve created the perception that we’re always available.
3.    Expectation of Instant Gratification:
That perceived availability leads to other people’s needs to be attended to. They want to be heard and answered in the moment.
4.    Desire to Deliver and Excel:
Our nature is to not fall short. To nurture and want to please in what is a competitive working environment. To make our boss or clients happy, we desire to deliver and excel to keep up with the Jones’.
5. Unlimited Interruptions:
In order to please everyone at the same time, we are often taken out of the moment, are lead astray from the initial task and surrender to multi-tasking.
The trick is to monitor your incoming, and make concrete choices somewhere in this cycle to stump the system.

from the very well-meaning and informative source: