American Journalism Review: HISTORY REPEATS

American Journalism Review

Okay, so this has got to go into the series, setting up today:

• In the late 1980s the CIA operated a "freewheeling" unit in the Middle
East, known as COREA, that trafficked in "drugs and arms in order to
gain access to terrorist groups." The CIA and the DEA also was secretly
cooperating with a Syrian drug trafficker and arms dealer named Monzer
al-Kassar. In return for his help in obtaining the release of U.S.
hostages in Lebanon, COREA allowed al-Kassar to ship drugs to the United
States on U.S. airlines. Meanwhile, the DEA was using al-Kassar's
drug-smuggling ring in a sting operation designed to flush out drug
dealers in Detroit, Los Angeles and Houston – cities with large Arab