What becomes a domain

For a few days, I've been looking for a clever branded domain name to convey whatever my identity as a commodity has become. However I can make money from my knowledge, skill and particular point of view. Originally years ago, my first production company as everyone who moves to LA does in their head was 'image factory.' Found out a bit later it was also a Japanese anime gaming porn. Then, I just adopted 'imua' for what it meant to me in Hawaii. It still means that. It will at least always be mine like Chimera and the Phoenix-Dragon chasing its tail tattoo design I may get someday.


So these are the domains most appealing to me at the time. Keep in mind this is an utteryly random child's game:


Now I liked this one for several reasons: the lollipop, lollipop song that will get stuck in everyone's head, the pop part, for pop art, pop culture, pop drug overdose, pop-snap-crackle (all out of order, that was the problem, initially) and then the ending with aria, the opposite of the fun suggested by a lollipop, pop stars, pop tarts, pop art paintings of comfort food. The dark side of pop. This came from a search combining 2 words (you are only ever allowed two words and Big5Fish hick in an intertube -- with hair gel no less -- throws names back at you until you accept one and try another. It's addictive this game of playing with faux-branding, soul-brandishing, tattoo-you identification of something so perfect no one has thought of it before? Yeah, right.



Clearly clever for many of the same reasons listed above and actually melds two worlds quite perfectly with the lollipop ying to the circuitry yang, and circuitry is a big part of what I do, so that covers the television broadcast transmission side of things. The Lollipop is the guilty pleasure of art.



Now, this felt like it would be the TruTV/Spike division of the company and came about from 2 words with neither wracked or wrecked anywhere near them and 'systems' isn't a word I would put in the hat when I can only pick 2. So that in and of itself--that this very specific, visceral idea came from something like light canvas, sunshine frame, poetry motion, etc. The whole 24fps think is pretty hard to express in bot/drone-ish.



is also, surprisingly, available. I, of course, think immediately of Lolita with Drew Barrymore running the not-quite-smut version out of her "Flowers" production company and none of it's exploitive if you think Louis Malle's work with Brooke Shields was more Vogue than creepy nymphette worship by any man over the age of a boy. So Lollipopcinema would have to just be complete fluff and really fun, atheltic/acrobatic porn where somehow Kojak was a FB character.



Now this also had a certain ring to it (duh, I didn't include any duds and 76.8% were pure fodder for folly, so anything here is on the short list of hours of this fascinating new linguistic puzzle all done thru a website with a hick in an innertube). This was like cinema and lemur combined and the maur has a vaguely French aura which always helps (you want young people to make out in a movie theater so they don't end up like Pee Wee Herman years later). This wasn't quite anything -- and I know it won't be something that MATTERS, as in, I'm presenting God with this name and he's gonna decide my fate on those two words. If that were the case, well, there could be a ranking system and surely the bacon strips dog comedian voice would be a worse offender.



Love this one for obvious reasons, dropped the popsicle so it becomes a dropcicle, but like Don and Peggy (Mad Men for those of you not obsessed, which means you are probably healthy and have a life) turn it into the ultimate "DROPSICALCREATIVE." Again, I'm just impressed that I will write create lollipop (maybe "sucker create" could be a good exercise tomorrow) and this little tablet app generates all sorts of nonsense.



Pretty obvious I fed some inspirational motivational productivity guru speak in early in the day. Mooring, boat, focused, in this giant boat in the desert of L.A. With a little Noah thrown in.



This was more for a name of the actual 'liquid space' where creative professionals can rent out space and have a domain/FTP site/amenities set up so they can produce their content more freely since they are are doing one show under the umbrella of this larger collective creative space. This was random again. The fish5 guy does love the word conduit though.



Corsica I guess is a place where rich assholes go in Europe. Maybe this could be ironic in Cannes.



I love the idea of providing the muses with a safe haven and that's where the creative work gets done.



Because of his lyre, and his godliness over the arts, he is always the primary art entity/deity you'd evoke. Plus he has all the right props, is related to Zeus and there's 9 women (the muses) to balance out whatever he's got going on. But, of course, there's a caveat, as there would be with any god of creativity. I swear, however, caveat was not in my search framework.


And finally, you can pretty much just guess how this came about. Even the tablet figures that one thing sells:



These are all avaialable, btw.


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I would like to buy a domain, I guess, so I can start thinking about builidng a brand. I do need a company name and these all had .com still available which is the key. NO one wants .dog or .idea no matter how much the websites try to sell you on it.


I'm second guessing my indecisiveness so you know where that leads.LollipopEntertainment