#disturbing childhood trending

I think we can do it. Over the next few days, weeks and months, let's gather the most disturbing pop culture collective consciousness memories (starting with 1960s television cartoons for one, and be sure to include Mickey Mouse club alumni syndrome via role models for our youth). This is where I begin, with a puppet named LampChop who I vaguely remember inhabited the black and white tv in the 'living room' more like random room downstairs which once almost burned down when a log rolled out of the fireplace. But that's neither her nor there (it's right here in my selective memory part of the post-cranium). LampChop had a distinctive voice and you saw the Puppet Master, which I didn't think was strange at the time, in fact I probably thought she was the puppeteer behind every other puppet show for years. I did think Oscar the Grouch lived in that trash can too though. That's why kids' television is so influential on the evolution of our species, so I begin there as the mtv generation (we were the ones watching it in college in between bong hits and lots and lots of History books to read) that grew up on Sesame Street, ABS Saturday morning cartoons starting @ 730 with Bugs Bunny, undoubtedly Coyote was in the first 2 cartoons, btw. I don't know why my Rain Man syndrome kicks in on that factoid but I know I saw more Coyote and Tweety than anyone else but Bugs. Probably a rural South things. Yeah, so Bernie and Urt, no wait, Ernie and Bert. They always left me a little confused. It was kind of like the odd couple but not as funny. Moving on to Big Bird, who was mellow, chill like Clifford the Big Red Dog--we can learn a lot from big, gentle imaginary creatures. This will be first offering of imagery I remember (that's been inserted into my DNA by osmosis) but haven't thought of in years. LampChop, the lovable sacrificial hand-pupppet. This link is from a blog that looks like it may not have been updated in 2 years, and for some reason, that bugs my OCD side. I just want to clean up all those dead links on the internet. This one I didn't want to lose:
One of the most frightening things about Lamb Chop’s Play along was the larger than life Lamb Chop that would occasionally come out to dance with Shari. How confusing is that for kids? I thought Lamb Chop was small, but apparently she’s a giant now…?