I would be tired too

I think it may be more of a case of when everyone's gunning for you (and you're not sufficiently humble, as we bore witness to, and that was the unfortunate lesson I would caution all the lovelies in their designer Washington suits), you don't 'decide' not to fight these great American forces (presumably of greed, racism-economics - i.e. the business of slavery, which is far more terrifying than even the residual stupidity of today, believe it or not -- precisely because when smart people can find a way to sanction evil without question, society is in for one of the massive inhale-exhale moments in history that are not the topic of this post)--and I think he picked the wrong foes, for sure. But mostly I blame the conglomerate of numbskulls called 'the liberals' -- they are just as bad as the neo-conservatives or any label at this point in history. The smartest men in the room, one would hope, are somewhere in the middle, practical men with an eye on history, representing their country, a bit more than selling it down the river, as most do. Maybe 23% have that ilk, on both sides. But the smugness of the 'liberals' who defined the first term was simply offensive and idiotic. And I would claim slightly more liberal 'views' than 'conservative,' although as a person who thinks with their brain more than anything, I have values that could be categorized in both. They have to do with economics, history, the strongest balance we can have in a world we have already fucked up, possibly beyond repair (see Syria, see Palestine, see Ferguson, see China, see Global Warming, see Russia-North Korea-Iran, etc.). You would think that some would have at least the intellectual capacity to understand the challenge is to do the right thing now for more than the immediate political favor. We seem lost in a back and forth of anger and resentment and too many broken promises. And for many of us, nothing's better. Why can't there ever be a way for people in this country to make it better for other people in the same country? Their neighbors? Their communities? When did we become so hostile to one another that we kick each other when we're down? Think about it. What would make this country stronger. Some manner of self-sufficiency, an intellectual brokerage of talent, encouraging innovation, less political infighting, less economic magic acts, more money flowing and people doing shit to make the planet better for the short amount of time we have left. Why would you want to ruin that? Oh, right, aliens among us. I'm ready to go, man, just say when. But I call your bluff. I think my brain is too smart for you and you want to watch how far you can push me to break me and you've gotten bored already, and here I am.