Imagine that: financial institutions and law firms bilking the country?

This is what is wrong with our country, not the outrage over torture. What do we expect? You think you're gonna get information from someone who wants to kill you with milk and cookies? What did you think was going on, liberal "ooh, I can't look at the underbelly of life, I prefer to live in my white privilege and feign outrage over the mistreatment of people I don't even know while letting those I do become homeless because I am white and I am married to an investment banker." Yeah, that's for you, the one who couldn't even stand by her word to give me grocery money when I got laid off -- once again after a verbal agreement that I had a job. And then, once again, nothing. I'm glad that the "Permanent Subcommittee" (that should tell you something right there) is actually investigating this. The question is--why the fuck has it taken a decade to do this? For the last decade, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has presented case histories showing how financial institutions, law firms, accountants, and others have designed and implemented complex financial structures to take advantage of and, at times, abuse or violate U.S. tax statutes, securities regulations, and accounting rules.1