The idiocy that has become the United States of America

This is in the third paragraph of the torture report. "in the hopes that it will prevent future coercive interrogation practices and inform the management of other covert action programs." Now, here's what I don't understand. First of all, why are they outright lying to us. "Prevent future coercive interrogation." Okay, let's look at some recent history. Someone wants you and your entire country, all your neighbors, your kids, your family, the people you like as well as don't like, they want them dead. They do. Their belief system upholds the idea that the only way they can even live is to destroy the oppressive forces that they believe are responsible for their pain and suffering. Yet, they still choose to bring children into that pain and suffering, which is a particularly odd trait, if you ask me, but the kids are fodder for the hate. If you don't think that BOTH sides had a hand in this, then go back to your Christmas shopping. How many of you or the "Senate Committee" on anything have ever been face to face with someone who would slit your throat if the tables were turned? You think that there is another way to do this, please go right ahead. I, for one, don't support physical torture. I think it's barbaric. But I do believe that you can mentally apply pressure (like Gideon in Criminal Minds, he'd done his homework, he knew how to get the guy to confess without cutting a finger off), and unless you think we should have just been warm and fuzzy after 9-11, all of your are a bunch of hypocrites, waving your flag in one hand and holding a drink in the other. We expect our government to prevent terrorist attacks, yet we have no idea what this entails. We get squeamish at the idea that Americans can be big bad meanies, while the evidence to the contrary is all around us, and has been for many years. I am not surprised by the use of torture after 9-11, not after a summer of hearing of beheaded school children. What sickens me is how we expect the CIA to do our dirty work, then call them out when they do. I am having trouble getting past that great big LIE in paragraph three -- it sullies the whole 'report.' REALLY? Your 'hope' is that the US will no longer use 'coercive' tactics in interrogation of someone who might/has already commit(ted) mass murder? Well, if that's the case, Senate Committee on Lack of Intelligence, we might as well just bring the terrorists over here now and let them work for our police departments. That way they can kill us the normal American way.