The Sins of the Father

Response to Bill Cosby's daughter assurance that she is right and all "accusers" should be shipped out of sight out of mind upstate. By comparing his situation to that of very serious recent rape allegations at my alma mater is both opportunistic and quite frankly disgusting when it's been released by an NBC page that he paid women to shut up. But where the mother and daughter really blew It Was by comparing their husband father to an institution which has been absolved fairly. The difference: when actually falsely accused, Uva took responsibility and was proactive in balanced responses to the many sides of the story, as rape is Rashoman. All different points of view of the same heinous act.
Bill Cosby does not deserve to invoke CUBa's recent media circus because he has done'm nothing but sent the victims right to heal.

A Facebook friend supported the Cosby daughter's cry for prison terms for women who has decided to be judge and jury for us. I could not Abide such stupidity even on fluff ball poo pastry venue of Dba. And don't compare yourself to VIA and expect me to allow you to get away with it.

"Having gone to UVA, I know how damaging false claims can be. However, some facts (re NBC playoffs to women to silence them for one) are quite different from the University's situation. I think saying "send them to prison" reveals an unforgivable ignorance of the legal system and the prisons are full enough already. Spoken by a privileged rich person who erases people by putting in prison. It also reveals "the woman doth protest too much." Was she there all the time? People in both sides deserve fair due process in such serious matters. Not auto prison sentence at taxpayers' expense."