Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

This has been a year that I didn't see coming, that I enjoyed some of and suffered through too much of. I know I ended that sentence in a preposition but the proper grammatical version is not conversational and sounds like Old English. I am grateful for the unlikeliest of angels and have grown more resolved (until I get hit with the next wave of existential angst in the flesh) to stand my ground this time. I am sick of being pushed around by bullies in the workplace, slandered by a disturbing number of less intelligent and less competent co-workers and being betrayed by people pretending to be friends. I came here to post my linkedin button like the U.Va. webinar hostess told me to. (Again, I end a sentence in a preposition, I see no other way around it). I want to work for Obama but not tell anyone. I want to watch surveillance tapes for the CIA and know what kind of tea everyone drinks (a nod to "Homeland," freaks). I want to help build two successful businesses this year with a friend who has been through thick and thin. I want to continue expunging the jackasses from my life (see deleted list from Facebook). I would like to continue to create good content but I am not sure the networks and production companies where executives get excessive salaries to do absolutely fuck all feel the same way judging by their actions. I mean, the Development Exec of a major cable network where I have delivered consistently good work can't find it in his DNA to return my email about a pitch for a show that 'his' audience would like. Millennials, indeed. Very arrogant and generally incompetent from what I've endured. And I wanted to like them. Remember trust no one over 30? Well, guess what, now it's under 40. It's basically 29 year olds through 35 years olds (whatever those horrible "I DEMAND a SUPERVISING PRODUCER credit" when I don't ever actually do the job people are). The younger kids are alright.
The motto for 2015 is no more time for the bullshit and the bullshitters.