It is 2:12 p.m., haven’t been sleeping well since the moonlight drive last week reminding me of the mountains up town and then the stress of the past three days at least probably most definitely more as in last Sunday was a low point running out of dreaded fuel the attitudes the push from the very lovely looking copper but I never want that kind of attention not anymore, just want to ‘live in my own house, sleep in my own bed…' I have many tasks to do, my brain is semi-sweet on the alignment these days, at least I don’t feel comepletely knocked down, dragged out, beaten down, just curl up and sleep for 18 hour stretches, now the opposite, I am living in a Paul Walker version of the actor in a fast life I am on an escalator, the flat kind, moving forward through an endless terminal of glass and sterilized metal, gold light, takes me heavenward, ascent, land, and everything is alright. In the meantime, ‘re-entry’ as the kahuna said, is difficult, one must pay attention. Ever vigilant, well that exhausts you to no end, and then when no one’s got your back, no way, no how, you end up in a long line among lines trying to figure it out. This originally sparked in my brain as a thought about Sunday afternoon into evening and the things I’ve read lately how super uber hot shot professionals have rituals and on Sunday night they unplug (I should go for a run-walk-hike-swim…) completely and then set tasks for week ahead not just immediate and in alignment with long term goals. And about how now is about the time I get barraged with calls from people who are trying to help me or need me or I have needed them and we call ourselves friends but god damn - and i never put those 2 together - it does seem like here in l.a. town, you truly never can tell. I would say friends but both have screwed me over in ways that they really never made up for and as i feel the need to even qualify because many others have let me down (as I am sure I have others), they have done things at critical moments that made me feel I could trust them in the foxhole (or triste as were). These are ramblings, need to be revised, an exercise, I am practicing and re-practing my writing. April 12th already?! #Sunday #sabbath #writing #44stories #101cards Reading the Water, collected works, due out end of 2015 tintinnabulate TINTIN medical action