We are the Sixth Mass Extinction

What if that were the case? What would you change, today? Right now? You have kids, most likely, or plan to--what are you leaving for them? We are running out of water, there are supposed death camps all over the land of the free (you tube Jesse Ventura banned from television loosely cited as source, Behold a Pale Horse and Fire in the Sky, Darwin, Plato, etc.) where we are scheduled to be culled when the government or whoever is really in charge deems the time right. Okay, well, tell us already. I really don't understand the logic of anything anymore. So I go on embracing the one thing I am sure of and that is humanity in all its flawed glory of beauty be damned I am writing this love poem as the world burns in hopes that the ashes will sprout a new life form, a flower, a butterfly, behold. That is all I can do for the time being.