Foxy Motor

At 8:13 p.m.,height of the reality summer season, we've got this line up: Undercover Boss, America's Got Talent, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Shark Tank, Master Chef, Bones, Antiques Roadshow and what I christian CineSteam, way up there past pay for NFL, when there's a line up (or is it down) Sunset for Dodger Stadium tonight, the Dodgers are good this season, so far, love that field, the weather is perfect tonight and I am down in the breezy part of Slauson-Gage-Florence alley in a little find called "Foxy Inn" that got an average 4.9% disappointing and is by far the best thing even over Eagle Rock Inn. I have decided (but will probably abandon all proclamations by morning) that the key is no carpeting of any kind so you can hose the place down. Also, their WiFi actually works. However, they do not give out door keys, preferring instead to buzz you in, which means, the crack heads won't like it here because they will sketch out about not being able to go in and out all night in pursuit of ever decreasing returns on quality and accessibility of goods as the night goes on. No, that distinction belongs to the well-painted and best parking award Astro mustard hotel with the man who looked like he knew a thing or two and was tired, and the Indian lady was frantic herself and just seemed sketchy because she acted like having a job and wanting a shower was somehow abnormal. The shower was the best, other than the first one in Pasadena. I am trying to document a travelogue for the adventurous Euro-traveler who might want to explore the jungles of L.A. I know it can be done and as my commitment are at an all time high since my beloved father passed away March 9th this year, that I am not so sure I want to commit to staying in a place that beats me up on occasion, and I am getting ready for the next wave, always around October, just planning on exodus movement of jah people unless I can just walk into someone's backyard and sublet their guest cottage thru September and it's near the hills or the strip down hill from some water, that's about it. Meanwhile, go towards the airport, I figured plus Eagle Rock, despite being semi-shabby-quaint, with the best Liquor Store owner award but best Liquor Store open late was C&C Liquor near the Crown Royal Motor Lodge, which was, by far, the most educational, and provided the initial (or subsidiary)impetus for the idea to write this up as a story somehow without admitting that I actually am choosing to do this because I don't want to move into a place just to have a fucking place based on what? A three week gig on a special where, invariably, someone will get threatened by me and I won't move up. I still want the warehouse and a cheap way to churn out content and provide some sort of west coast oasis where we experiment with water saving solar utilization of space, but that's far too forward thinking for most, and the aliens are waiting to release the next iOs, so there. Meanwhile, here: Korean Prime Time (news) next to the Andy Griffith Show. All this makes me realize I need to send letters to people, I miss that. The stories told in Griffin and Sabinewhy did they stop, so abruptly with the cyber-death of literary love genres, oh well, huge sigh, virtual sex and middle of the road heart ache, one is usually in denial about how special they are to their stalker, the other generally somehow seeking pathetic love or revenge thrill, it almost always turns sour or they small, 50 shades of grey, twice and instagram love is over, but they don't have a hangover except the 14 minutes and 21 frames of glory and fame, forgotten like blueberry cum on a table somewhere in Alhambra, you just never know which places will be what, the fresh paint job had the woman smoking crack right on the balcony asking me what time it was to which I said do I look like I'm wearing a watch. I have become so ghetto I can hold my own thank you very much OG da kine I know I will have to back it up and I only hope I can hold out like Clint Eastwood before he lost his mind. Who are you talking to? Or you're saying that crazy prayer I bought on the back of the grim reaper candle at Numero Uno a few days ago near the Crown Royal Motor Hotel, which had the softest sheets and mirrors above and on the headboard, yeah.