It was 1977

when for a moment in time, you could feel like you owned the place, whatever place you happened to be in, stuck in, the question never remained the same, you knew you were the generation in flux, with an inkling of being in between something like innocence and retribution, but it's 1977 and we're going to go back in time.

To her brother, whose story is the one from New Year's Eve, Columbia, Fillmore East, Hendrix's version of Stone Free and that anthem kicking off a slew of deaths.

Adjusted the storyline to push forward to his younger sister, a cross between runaway inspired Rickie Lee Jones of L.A., a bit of the the other ingenues, but this one won't get fooled again, so Patti Smith Rock Journalist elite gets messed up in Let's Make a Deal.

Scriptwriting test between two new formatting options (as I need fewer bells and whistles, thank you)

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