"The story's told...with facts and lies"

All I hear in the promo is over-the-top bass drumming so that's no bueno, and I'm not sure about this season of True Detective, but then again, I am a sucker for the old school monologue and there was nothing quite like Season 1, Episode 1, the wrath of the misanthropist as Shakespearean soliloquy. When in fact it was his backstory that was always the 'issue' for me -- as in, the weakest part, pour moi because it was too expositional in the end and could have used more random, surreal, tragic chaos to it, but never mind because the best part was the character's decision to remain buzzed but not too fucked up from the time he woke up until the time we see him running an unlikely establishment somewhere nondescript in the bayou when Woody Harrelson shows up and then they have that bomb ass finale which was, I think, in the end, better than Fargo. We won't discuss Mad Men and Breaking Bad, here, right now, but yes, Fargo was amazing but the ending kind of pissed me off whereas Season 1 of True Detective actually pulled off a semi-satisfying ending. I find it hard to believe that I am so discerning, but this is what I am left to think about, with the craft that I have chosen, a study of storytelling in the 42-48 minute realm. I am a student of the various masters, who have lived to tell the tale. So far, Season 2 of True Detective is jam-packed with 'verbiage' and forgettable details that all add up to not really caring about anyone, except the two most violent dudes with some form of PTSD, clearly Colin Farrell so far has had the most interesting scenes, until Vince Vaughan (who I met, on the movie "The Lost World," my very first P.A. job on a feature film) under the bridge gets to rough up that classic combover shieshter, LA-style. But, the one I really like, of course, is the wack job ex-marine detective whose girlfriend just screamed at him something pretty horrific but not as bad as Colin Ferrell's (very well acted by the way, kudos to that actress, I was prepared to be disappointed -- but much like Homeland hot, cop-wife who has to balance Claire Danes -- I think the woman who plays his wife is phenomenal) wife says: you were until THAT HAPPENED. Of course, now I need to know what happened but as my life 'style' precludes any form of normalcy, I will confess that I am watching HBO GO (for the first time I am seeing something that is not pirated or very old because I could not justify the cost of cable tv my generation established mtv and cnn--literally i had mtv in college and then paid for cable in my twenties in Hawaii, mainly because there was no other option -- but then, ironically, once I decided to pursue a career in film -- which took years of transition to do, I didn't just up and leave my job, I planned it and went to film school for 8 months and got jobs in the industry and then -- couldn't really afford cable, being a freelance producer. So now I fell for the free trial and the nominal fee of $ 15 a month which is great if I am working but then usually I can't keep up on shows because I work never less than 12 hours a day (from time I am expected to be available to time I fall over at night) or longer in the field, which I don't mind, if I am paid enough to then recuperate for a month but really it's been one of those stupid runs that had lead to a bunch of experience that no one wants to pay for, so now I am trying to figure out how to position myself not as the cheap alternative but the more affordable, less used-up, whore on the fifth floor of the brothel of "I work in entertainment." And I hate you. Smiles, hugs, drinks all around. The fake vaguity will never take a stand. You learn this too late to fix anything worthwhile and then it's all just gone one day and all those people you used to know, they're an illusion to you now But in the world we have amassed as tokens of some imaginary, virtual, bullshit, circus side show crazies unite anonymous nuclear threat, the you is now the illusion and the once was ability to know a life in its relationship to how one supports life, a community of others, a trading of skills for things we all need to evolve--instead, we have de-volved to the point where our natural resources have been threatened by our species. And yet those who do not have children are meant to feel bad, always. Inadequate. Called barren. That feels great. Just remember that. Seeing people with kids they cannot feed sickens me. Why is this happening? I do not understand. This post was simply a riff off the quite excellent main title cue for True Detective Season 2. With regards to the series itself, the jury is still out. This is brilliant, though, and I love the music supervisor/composer combo: I crossed the line i live among you well disguised The story's told with facts and lies I have a name but never mind I had to leave my life behind