Finally We Meet, Here in the Street

There never was a good time for this sort of thing. Never. Not once had she heard anyone speak of it in their families as something they were proud of, no one had tagged their rivals storefront tattoo parlor with it and no one was emblazoning billboards along the strip with it. So there was never a good time for this sort of thing.

Mockingbirds: Meaning 
INSTALLATION WORK 1-Define your relationship to mockingbirds as whatever you want to define them as, bird from genus-species-order, mockingbird from literature, mockingbird song, mockingbird jay, mockingbird meaning -- and make some sort of installation presentation--something that can be installed along other concepts, but that has a clear meaning and an accomplished process of conveyance.

I'm just going with it.

First Project will be: King Eddy 2015 

I had a feeling 
you would
make yourself 
you came along
just to claim 
your place
on the throne

and I thought if I 
took the right lines
but these mockingbirds 
won't let me shine

  • Never mind me ‘cause I've been dead
  • Out of my body, been out of my head
  • Never mind the songs they hum
  • Don't want to sing along with nothin' that I said
  • Let him bring you happiness, happiness