The absence of attachment

Sex is a funny thing. Everyone professes to know where the G-spot is located, what you're looking for, which is control over the ability to deny a person what they want.

A Stephen King inspired meat locker gas station convenience mart where you select size, type, color, length and duration and can be on your way.

the girl .
 fated to be doomed
 a slate of haphazard events
 little red riding hood night terrors,
girls must keep their secrets safe...

Splendour in the Grass.

 La Dolce Vita.

Not Pretty Woman.
 the next Betty Paige. 
Dahla looked like she was going to disappear

a virtual locket. shaped into a heart with an arrow through it.
The three of hearts.
Three swords. Sticking right through the blood-red heart.
Three swords: past, present, future.
Her heart was soon to crumble into ashes and dust.

They all fall down.
no one was there
to pick them back up
except her shadow

Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for fulfillment

sacrificial virgin

 If you will make this small effort and appreciate what is yours NOW, you will soften any resistance that has been keeping you apart from the things you want.

The next step was to remove the resistance between her desire .

 She was going to appreciate what was hers now

Carpenters of death.
Harbingers of the disease of disconnect --
self-centered assisted lifestyles
 insulated from consciousness.

Everyone took a number, knew their place and went about their business in an orderly fashion throughout the day, in public squares, office buildings and winding paths in city parks. In the after hours, it was as if vampires came out and the same good two shoes you saw at the wrap counter was serving your elixir at the smut bar.
Moonlighting as a degenerate by night, working as a bean counter, prescribed by the government, keep the WIFE GENE POOL PURE.

Your number was called at birth -- the mother or the whore.
The geisha never approved or disapproved, only comforted and understood, every bare thread.

The divide and the expanse kept the world in balance.

she wanted balance
no more rocky hovering
above her body
looking in

as she'd always been

That was until she woke up.