The truth is I didn't see myself reflected in any of those novels

“We are hopeful, as a result of the film, more survivors will come forward, and it will give journalism, especially print journalism, which is in a bad way in this country right now, a shot in the arm.”

You wonder where you would be now had you known what you know now and why is it that life is like that anyway?

What we have in common:
“I remember looking at books to try to figure out, ‘What does it mean to be American? Am I doing this right?’” Ms. Jaffery said. “The truth is, I didn’t see myself reflected in books back then.”
 We all are one

you'll have no word left for infinite
they say find your tribe
joseph campbell says it won't be easy
the world is turning

faster than your hero's
can document
its progress
so keep going
write the book 
that hasn't been written 
go ahead
there is water at the bottom 
of the ocean

keep moving
letting the days go by