"Sooner or later
Your legs give way, you hit the ground"
-The English Beat 

Opera coast is an alternative mobile browser that I discovered when seeking an option to an intolerably slow chrome and an insufferably counter-intuitive Safari.

Opera did a better job on its mobile browser than the other two. The share feature alone is superior. 

If you need better syncing between mobile and desktop, then the new chrome update finally has the speed you expect from google.

Safari, ugh is all I can say. I'm a Mac user (with many PCs in my past, so I am familiar with non-Mac systems more than most Mac devotees) who has had to accept that iTunes sucks (Apple finally announced they're "fixing" it but without user input, I'm not holding my breath), I just deal with Safari because I have to.

The hand-off feature has resulted in a vortex of endless syncing between desktop, iPad and iPhone so you get the error that your bookmarks are always syncing. Now, I realize you can read thru the forums, go thru labyrinthian conflicting instructions on changing your settings but I just use opera for things I want to save to Evernote or pocket, my primary note-taking and research gathering tools (as I prepare business plans and analysis, I collect mounds of data quickly to use later when I synthesize the information). 

Safari works for copy and paste on mobile as the other browsers make it more difficult. 

As a creative professional, I'm looking to expand the collective consciousness and language is my currency along with filmmaking which is my storytelling medium when I chose not to use words. 

To be able to combine like ideas from unusual sources is my strength. I'm constantly looking for the best tools to do this and therefore, rank these three mobile browsers overall with that in mind:


Hope this is of use to anyone out there who writes, curates, seeks knowledge, loves to discover new ideas and wants to advance in this world as it is, not was. 

2nd in the "Don't waste your time!" Series