The counter-intuitive supposedly helpful

There could be a valid argument for the notion that lifehack is actually wasting so much of your life, by telling you how to be better than you are, by this one simple oversight that you should unsubscribe.

If you read a link to an article on your mobile device, shouldn't the "lifehack" link be "smart" enough to know where the audience originated?

Instead, we get asked repeatedly to "sign up" for some newsletter that we already get, yet lifehack, the self-professed Shangrila of desired behavior, can't seem to have a memory of your email even though that's how you found this content.

When a "brand" purporting to save you time keeps redirecting you to sign up by email, that's an egregious gnawing away at your goals for productivity and better time management.

Therefore I'm saying I've had it with these services that have no memory of my usage. Number one rule: don't waste my time with your annoying email and password rules if I'm not using banking info. Welcome to 2016 when everyone wants technology to ease their pain not add frustrating steps that have disappeared from more responsive platforms. 

Lifehack gets a 2 in my book. Any positive gain has repeatedly been overshadowed by their absurd system of new email sign-up when your email is clearly the way you got the information they so eagerly want to sell you.

Life hacks is truly a hack site. Vacuous and annoying.

#Unsubscribe for joy!