Time is not your hero

It's all about 'what's next' in the feeding frenzy for market share while you're already far from there, and barely treading water.

So you get overwhelmed. You fail. You cover up your failures, to make yourself feel better. But really you just punish yourself for not ever getting any of this technobabble to consistently do what you were sold it could do.

The "Shark," the "snuggie," the oxi-morons. The schedule never syncs across devices and Microsoft will just wear you down with the 45 things you need and why do you need to know my location when I read. It's not always in the bathroom.

 It's not worth draining the faulty battery for which we all come up with a personalized 'work-around' to get any benefit from the machine whirring in our gradually deforming hands. Ruining our eyesite. Rendering us even more isolated from what made us human in the first place. Our language, our experiences together, our needing contact with the frail yet sublime human form.

We adapt to our machines, not the other way around. This is a critical time in human consciousness. Put something you love away, keep it safe, you may need it someday.