Too much noise, not enough music

There should be 'drawers' or a shelving-type system for apps you need in the  category of "when you 'need' to use, but don't want to have to re-download  because you really need that app right now, not 2 minutes from now after signing in to App Store, being asked for password, battery at 20% and storage almost full as you run from Namibian pirates trying to get your #GTFO app re-installed in time.

Now, do you need #GTFO all the time? No. It's not Glympse, Shazam, snapchat, twitter or spotify. It's not even eat24, uber or airline app, which you use when you need them.

These are not the workhorse apps like dropbox, Evernote, and Amazon which are always updating something, and yet rarely have the sync problems that apple demonstrates on a regular basis. 

No, these are tools, utilities and platforms that you want to have when you need to sign a contract, quickly fax a legal doc from your phone (lawyers & accountants never call at convenient times), facilitate travel movement, troubleshoot and problem solve. 

You need them but not everyday and not predictably. But you don't need them filling up your screen, even in those boxes that combine apps, which visually don't lead you to that "real estate" of your home screen, so that's the current solution, but not the most productive or useful way to organize these kinds of tools.

That's why a way to layer these types of interfaces so they unfold when you need them would optimize the experience these applications purport to offer when they appear in the "related" column.

That's number one. Streamline how technology is supposed to be helping our lives not overloading us with a different icon for every action in our little daily maneuvers.

The second is a way to transfer music.