21 days, not counting

I lost track of time what with the ramshackles of my current situation, trying to sort out legal matters, moving, a sick puppy and looking for work, the hapless relentlessly fruitless activity I have been involved in for over two years now. Looking for work.

The 22-day challenge I started about 9 days ago was it? Was to review all these apps I have tried and want to see if they work or not. If they do, I will hopefully streamline them, if they do not, I will delete and never look back. Of course, trying to actually delete them is the issue. It's one of those things you would think by now someone would have come up with - a real way to delete the apps that you tried but that sucked. Never want to see them again. Send them upriver.

Then there's the when will we be able to transfer playlists from Spotify to Tidal or Apple. Spotify is annoying. Their approach towards ads, the fact that I can't re-subscribe to premium via the app (they blame apple/itunes but no other app has this issue when you pay for it and then cancel due to lack of funds or, in my case, you get hacked.

Nope they don't consider that, they just say there was a problem with your payment. Then they play ads and won't let you skip and if I could just find a way to transfer, like the V-cone app a while back for watching television shows. That's what is needed. Spotify is horrible and I am only there because I have 10,000 saved songs on their site.

Tidal has surprised me. At first, I was sick of the hip hop suggestions and the videos seemed to gum things up. The only real issue TIDAL seems to have is streaming (probably as I have it set to auto and when I am walking, wifi goes in and out) issues. The way the playlists move up and down based on recent saves is excellent (unlike apple's which are alphabetical). The suggestions are usually on point (unlike apple which is wonky at best). The whole layout is easier to deal with that spotify.

But I have to find a lawyer (the 'avvo' app is pretty much useless after three tries)...and now I am anxious. So I can't think about Spotify at the moment, which their long ads and annoying rules. There should be different subscription rates (one less than 9.99) I think - so you can have more flexibility, maybe delete some songs because you're transferring your music to a better platform.

The inability to quickly find and remove duplicates is my biggest pet peeve with spotify, and why it was 'filled up' with 10,000 songs. The fact that they couldn't come up with a feature to sort and delete dupes to open up space is mind-boggling. The newest songs get added at the bottom so you have to scroll endlessly to find them. It's counter-intuitive and all I need is a way to transfer those playlists...

Is that even possible?

Life hack music files.