Best of the Week

Unroll me, scroll me, unfoil me!

Don't waste your time is a series of brief reviews designed to offer the results of my endless app "trial and error" discoveries, the pleasant surprises, necessary evils & inevitable regrets.

This first new review of the focused series starts simply with my favorite new app of the past two weeks - it's now September 23rd, 2016 -- which has been a doozie of a fortnight. 

Sublime email clean up & organization mobile APP (iOS) 

I love this app. It's the best (over SaneBox, EasilyDo and mailstrom, which is only on desktop but also fantastic) cleaner of the unwieldy email inbox. is efficient, accurate, so easy to use and incredible effective.

The reviews say things like, "ℹ feel better already..." and I'm happy to report it's true. 

For the second week in a row, Unroll.Me is my favorite new app discovery! 

Pros: actually works, efficient, doesn't crash, wrestles email better than many alternatives I've tried (mailstrom, sane box, EasilyDo, yippiemove, and more!)

Cons: None 
Seriously - absolutely none!!!!

CONCLUSION: If you have >2000 emails, try Unroll.Me 

You'll feel better, promise.