Why is everyone leaving Los Angeles?

Well, for one thing, the rents are ridiculously high, the landlords mostly a den of thieves overcharging and underdelivering as much as possible, just to screw you over in the end. It's a wretched housing city, with a 'state of emergency' in effect regarding our skid row population.

Well, I have news for you. Skid Row was sanctioned by City Hall years ago, started with "The Nickel," 5th and Main down to San Pedro and San Julian. They hey day of chaos hitting in the late 70s and then the anything goes 80s, I can't even imagine. I was in Hawaii during the 'crack explosion' or more like when Reagan had to dump all of Oliver North's cocaine somehow so he flooded the streets (yes, he did it personally with the help of Nancy's astrologer, who came up with those adorable little vials that became a disposable fashion statement from Harlem to Compton back in the day, before Quentin Tarantino places Samuel L. Jackson there in a scene where Biridget Fonda wears cut off jean shorts, homage au pere from Easy Rider? Who knows, who cares, it's derivative and the only good part about that movie (other than the painfully long tracking trucking rolling stair shots with the stewardess hankerchief tied perfectly, and bringing back that PI actor was a good move, Pam Grier should have gone on to be a therapist like Lorainne Braco in some inner city blues show that should have been made but got killed in favor of the overly hyped big bang theory so sick of those geeks making geek jokes and having assured income just because what they are good at and don't try particuarly hard to do happens to be highly valued by our fragmented, lost its way, society.

But, really, why are people leaving the most perfect climate in a global warming world? Other than the always imminent tthreat of a catastrophic earthquake ("Got that earthquake insurance, honey?" "Yeah, says we're covered if they're still alive."), and rapture clauses. Should floods, tornadoes, lightning strikes and fissures in the earth occur and swallow your property and belongings, the Lords of London is obligated to pay only .001 of your total worthy physical assets, which being that you are American which makes you either nouveau riche or white trash (I am sticking to my own supposed race so don't feel left out if I didn't malign the different Asian races, all the African subcontinent, wobs, wookies and wet tshirt contest backs. Beaners sounds like beano, so I never really caught on to the offense of that but gook and kook are eerily sinister and wob nob noob booob all confuse me in the end til I say Nutrients like Jack Black in Ncho LIbre. How can we possibly be racist against every race out there -- how long would that list take to compile?

That is L.A. Historic Filipinotown where you can see the former history of a place atop the hill where there were war heroes and American dreams proudly displaying that American flag on the front lawn near the giant Sisters of Mercy church with its valet parking 1 long block from the Liquor Store at the four way intersection across from the Thai Temple.

This is why you stay, the sense of community, the sense of building something, the creating of the best the city can be based on your energies fo collaboration and desire to see the world not blow up in our faces -- just yet. This city COULD do that. There's the impetus, the drive, but it fizzles with the onslaught of beat downs you get just trying to go about your business, in this freelance heartbreak town.

Why is everyone leaving LA? Becasue the rents are too high, the landlords are corporate slumlords who employ leasing agents not managers, once youi're in, you're on your own and heaven forbid, your one paycheck away from homelessness happens near the end of that lease -- and all those good neighbor actions, they don't bank. No one cares. No one has empathy if you hit a rough patch, no one can see it in your eyes that you want to work but there is so much competition that age first, you're out, then being a woman, you are already at a disadvantage no matter how well qualified you are -- you have to be more qualified yet less threatening than any man who walks through the door, any man who has no experience even, not one job in the industry, and he will be promoted above you, you can cound on that, especially if he is chummy with the boys in the back who run the show or the man in front of the camera, who often is a tyrant using the only currencty he has, shutting down your shoot day. Anathema to the working man or woman who was stupid enough to go into the business of making television, on the creative side.

Why is everyone leaving LA? Because the rents are too damn high and there's no work. The rich get richer, hold $ 100,000 plate dinners for those above the law and the police will falsely arrest you and cover it up for a year so you're broke and destitute and hanging out on skid row. The brightest and the best get stamped out here. The worst and the nefarious rule. There's no work and there's no work coming any time soon, with everyone being replaced by bots and algorithms. Where do they think Americans are going to be able to buy all this crap with not jobs now that every big company is chomping at the bit to get robots in there because they dont' get Obamacare. Who names universal health care after themselves> It's not like a cluster fuck of stars just discovered in the galaxy or a rare insect in the Rockies, ich Obama Stoner species of brown recluse spiders hibernating under hedge fund hogs until the marmots come to rescue them in thespring when everyone is dead.

From Skid Row to walking dead, a natural progression.

Everyone is leaving LA. All those expensive lofts ($ 2995 for a shoe box overlooking skid row and you're supposed to be thankful to them when there are 100s of others just like them - sterile lofts for people who someone else is paying their rent because how can that 23 old Korean girl have that great a job to be hanging out at this time of day drinking coffee on the sidewalk of Alameda and Desolation Row).

the irony is palatable to the point of satiric bitters with every swallow of your purchased soda while tents like the sidewalks for blocks until, the city says, skid row ends. It's official. they cordoned it off, let the drug dealers deal until they felt like popping them off, it's your time, that's all, and there's nothing the police like more than playing God, and this they do over the block of Skid Row.

If you are not leaving, you should plan on going soon, let those $ 3000 a month lofts decay in the squalor of a town that can't keep its shit together long enough to clean up one of the most corrupt police departments in the world, but lets them basically run you out of town -- to keep the illegal trade around because how else can dirty cops remain engaged in the business of being dirty if not by roughing you up under false arrest and then managing to get the DA to cover for you. Sweet Deal.

if you don't need to move to Los Angeles, don't. It's proven itself to be a corrupt, dark and dirty town with very few redeeming qualities. Most people here are not your friends. You would be surprised at the heartlessness of these people who you help and perhaps assure them of their careers even -- yet they are okay with forgetting all about that and even step over you on the sidewalk when you are begging for change.

LA is a sad place, perfect weather, so many hidden gems, possibly 5 good people and a whole bunch of graft and one upping for no reason other than to be a prick, less intelligent people sabotaging more intelligent people (when just stealing their work would be a better option but they are too dumb to know that even) and getting fired by 22 year old dip shits who piss off the network and cheat on a game show, with no consequences, other than having to live with herself being such a little bitch for her whole life. But these people seem to get off on that and really hate nice people. That's not quite how it is in NYC, they are gruff but straightforward. Here's it's passive aggressive stab you in the back just in case you survive so they can say they always believed in you isn't it great to see you doing so well after Robert Downey, Jr. and you were throwing crack pipes out the window of your old yellow Gremlin.

I"ll never forget that introduction to Los Angeles, at night, on one of those wide roads like Slauson, pulling over, and his popping thre trunk of what I want to saw was one of those old Dodge Darts and there it was a rifle. For driving through that part of town.

People are leaving LA if they don't want to end up on skid row, coz the cops and courts will try their best to put your there and the landlords will give you a view of where you're headed after they rape and pillage your bank account and destroy your ability to find work again. Thanks California, thanks for nothing but bullshit for the past 18 years.