Confession 4,753

"I grew up in rural Virginia, lived on Kauai for 10 years and moved to Los Angeles to pursue film. I have produced hundreds maybe thousands of hours of television, most notably, five seasons of The Apprentice. Currently recovering from head trauma & looking to transition out of unscripted into a more creatively satisfying realm. I'm too nice, exceptional in my field & seek opportunities to showcase my talent. I want to live a peaceful life and contribute positively to this world before I leave it. I work harder than anyone you know, possess highly-evolved, consistently logical & result-driven problem solving skills and actually have integrity. I'm fair with a reasoned approach, able to see the big picture & build effective teams. I have experience to back all these claims. I've been exploited by entertainment industry charlatans and don't plan to let them beat me, as I stand for quality storytelling, universal truth, compassion & creative collaboration. I've created formats, written show bibles, executed challenging tasks with finesse and grace. I have helped many establish and advance their careers. I am ready for a place to place my heart."