Unroll my heart

The app does a fine job of rolling up annoying newsletter and marketing email fanatics. It was my favorite "productivity" app for a quick minute, but they never seem to evolve the features, and really, how many email lists can you decide to delete each day?
The real clincher was their lackadaisical approach to turning over our emails to Uber. That shows a lack of judgement that will forever haunt this service.
Free service? Sure. We expect you to "monetize" us - to point.
But if you're more keen on cash flow from the demons than developing any customer loyalty aka " faith " that you won't sell our info to the highest bidder, again and again.

Too bad. But the poor judgement that showed was indicative of a company with no ethical considerations, just selling access to your accounts.

No ethical concerns over your personal info being sold by them to a well-known nefarious company. When will it happen again? Could more breaches be in our future if we continue using this app?

I don't see any correspondence from the developers assuring me that my privacy matters to them. Read about the issue via third party. You shouldn't have kept badgering me for a review. I cannot give a good one because I hate being treated like a product.